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as a tea party group in may of 2009 here in los angeles. born from the tax burdens from within the american recovery and reinvestment act. a government too big makes each citizen small, we thought. the first amendment would offer a platform for us to speak politically. but we were wrong. our government unsheathed its sword, the i.r.s. the i.r.s. did what tirne does, threaten and control. the questionnaire sent to us were consuming but their intent to test our resolve. but liberty prefers to stand and to be heard. we held more than 85 events in two grires donations drop and costs rose. we could afford fewer speakers, rallies and handouts. in july, 2012, we withdrew our application for tax exemplet status but the i.r.s. after 20 months of delays and read tape. we must now pay nonprofit taxes in california, the minimum is $800 annually. we have little money but more people. on june 4, 2014, the ways and means committee heard our voice. ow our voice is stronger and more here. here's their letter. on june 4, 2013, we told our story to the ways and means committee. we did not plead the fifth. we
reported on, huh? let's go to marvin who is watching us from los angeles. you're on the air. >> caller: yes. thank you very much for the program. one thought, first. i was able to be at the texas delegation at the democratic convention where jfk and lbj had sort of a debate. it was very humorous. and jfk said, i think he's such a great senate majority leader, you should stay there. my question, number one, is did lady bird johnson want lbj to accept the vp nomination and, number two, would lbj have been as successful in all of his various jobs without the support of lady bird johnson? >> well, i think we can start with the second one first. everybody pretty much agrees it would have been a different lyndon johnson without lady bird. don't you think? >> absolutely. and i think he'd say that. she was an enormous part of his success and support. >> and then on the 1960s question, it seems fairly clear that initially she and a lot of other people did not want him to take the second spot on the ticket. they considered john kennedy a really junior member of the senate and he should wait his turn.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2